Professional PHP4 XML
Our star programmer, Charlie Killian, has contributed to a new book: Professional PHP4 XML, published by Wrox.

A short description of the book:
Professional PHP4 XML covers the PHP language (and is up to date with the latest 4.2 release), the XML standard and the intersection between these widely used technologies. You will learn the "core" standards for XML processing such as Xpath,Dom,SAX and XSLT and how to use them from PHP. Satellite standards, vocabularies and other technical topics related to XML processing are also covered with examples, tips and suggestions from an experienced field of PHP programmers and XML experts.
You can find out more at

Macromedia Flash: Art, Design + Function
Our friends over at Mighty Assembly have created a masterpiece with their book, Macromedia Flash: Art, Design + Function, published by Osborne.
Get a developers view of what it takes to conceive and produce an award-winning Flash Web site. This detailed case study deconstructs the site, offering readers a rare opportunity to observe and analyze how concepts are executed by pushing the limits of Flash.
More info at Amazon.